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Dako has a wide range of high-quality, easy-to-use products for flow cytometry.

Flow cytometric immunophenotyping is becoming an important tool for the diagnosis of acute and chronic leukemia. The method is also being used in conjunction with bone marrow or peripheral blood stem cell transplantation.

Dako has built up a particularly strong position in leukemia immunophenotyping with a broad panel of products for this area, and the recognized high quality of Dako's products has made them widely used in hospitals as well as research laboratories. Moreover, a still increasing number of laboratories are now using Dako's products for a variety of other applications.

Single-Color Conjugates

Dako has a wide range of high-quality, single-color conjugated antibodies for use in flow cytometry. We offer both polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies conjugated with either APC, CY, FITC, PB, PerCP, RPE or RPE-CY5. Not all antibodies are available in all conjugated variants.

Dako MultiMix™ Panel

Dako MultiMix™ panel is a comprehensive and carefully selected antibody fluorochrome combinations panel. The antibody and fluorochrome combinations have been designed to gain the best sensitivity of the analysis on most flow cytometers. The Dako MultiMix™ Triple-Color panels are composed of the well-established flourochrome antibody conjugates FITC, RPE and APC. The panels also include polyclonal kappa light chain conjugates and lambda light chain conjugates, known for their high quality and specificity.

Kits and Accessories

Kits for specific tests or applications are also available from Dako. We offer kits for the study of apoptosis, CD34 count, telomeres as well as several lysing, fixation, permeabilization and calibration kits.


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