Clinical studies have shown that the detectable presence of autoantibodies can aid in the diagnosis and management of a range of autoimmune disorders such as APS, SLE, PBC. ELITechGroup has a range of specialist ELISA assays for the detection of auto-antibodies.

Cancer/Tumor Markers

Our Cancer/Tumor Marker range includes assays for the detection of Chromogranin A (which when elevated can be indicators for the presence of Pancreatic and Prostate Cancer, and Carcinoid syndrome) and Soluble Mesothelin-Related Peptide which can be used to assist in the diagnosis of Mesothelioma.


Clinical Diagnostic kits for the laboratory investigation of a range of endocrine disorders / hypertension.

Infectious Diseases

A range of ELISA assays for the serological detection of IgM, IgG or IgA antibodies produced in response to infectious agents.


ELITechGroup offers high quality third party controls for use with a range of automated immunoassay systems.

ELISA Instruments

European designed and manufactured Automated ELISA systems for low and high volume laboratories.