CGA Elisa

The only patented * assay targeting the core of the molecule (145-245), Cisbio’s Chromoa R assay offers exceptional sensitivity, specificity, and reproducibility by using two monoclonal antibodies to measure intact and fragmented Chromogranin A (CgA). This enhances the reliability of results.

Chromogranin A measurements in neuroendocrine tumors are established in the guidelines** as an aid for diagnosis, treatment efficiency and prognostic factors.

Developed under a sandwich-type ELISA format, Chromoa R is simple to use and can be easily adapted to automated systems for implementation in laboratories of all sizes.

*EP1078266,US 6,632,624

** Guidelines


  • Working range: 0 – 870 ng/mL
  • Sample: serum or plasma – 20 µL
  • Analytical sensitivity: 7 ng/mL
  • Functional sensitivity: 11 ng/mL

Clinical Interest

  • High specificity and sensitivity in tumors of neuroendocrine origin
  • Diagnosis and follow-up in pheochromocytoma, gastrinoma, carcinoid tumors
  • Adverse prognostic factor in prostate cancer

Assay Principle

Two monoclonal antibodies directed against the unprocessed central domain are used for the sandwich. A first monoclonal antibody is immobilized on the microplate, while a second monoclonal antibody is conjugated to Horse-Radish-Peroxidase. Two alternative procedures: long protocol (16h at RT + 2h at RT / shaking + 10 min at RT / shaking) or short protocol (2h at RT / shaking + 2h at RT / shaking + 10 min at RT / shaking).

Normal Values

Sample type n Median ng/mL Range ng/mL




27 - 94


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