Our Bacteriology range relies on multiple techniques: agglutination tests, specific culture media, but also trays for identification of germs or antimicrobial susceptibility testing. ELITech is the world leader in urogenital mycoplasmas diagnosis. Discover our complete offer enabling culture on agar plates, serological diagnosis, numeration, identification and determination of resistance profiles to antibiotics.


The ELITech next generation agglutination tests cover the most commonly encountered yeast species.


ELITech Microbiology reagents offer a range of assays for the parasitology serodiagnosis. Serodiagnosis enables the detection of parasitic infection when the traditional techniques cannot be used. The ELI.H.A range is based on indirect haemagglutination testing. In this niche market where few kits are available, ELI.H.A products are designed for the diagnosis of amoebiasis and bilharziosis. With the key advantage of providing ready to use stable liquid reagents, results are ready to interpret in 2 hours and stable overnight. To simplify the workflow all our assays follow the same protocol. For the confirmation of amoebiasis, a slide agglutination test is also available.


ELITech latex agglutination tests for the rapid detection of antibodies in the clinical setting to commonly encountered viruses


The Quality control of analytical methods is critical in the maintenance of good clinical laboratory practices. Quality control in a microbiological laboratory requires the use of known strains. These microorganisms are frequently lyophilized in order to extend shelf-life. Thus, all our control strains have been isolated from clinical specimens, characterized according to standard methods and lyophilized.

Slide Stainers

ELITech Biomedical Systems has vast experience and proven expertise in creating and producing practical and dependable slide stainers and cytocentrifuges that are used throughout the globe. Our user-friendly Aerospray® stainers and Cytopro® cytocentrifuges are proven performers in the laboratory--delivering high-quality results on demand. Our systems, consumables, and service have been trusted for decades, giving us an unparalleled knowledge base, unrivaled design expertise and extensive manufacturing capability.