Serum Amyloid A

SAA is an early and sensitive blood biomarker for tissue injury and inflammation and has been indicated in many inflammatory diseases.

The level of SAA circulating in the blood is known to increase dramatically in response to tissue damage or inflammation classifying it as an acute phase protein.

Eiken SAA has been validated for use on a range of birds of prey, domestic, captive and livestock animals.

  • Suitable for use with automated analysers. Maximum use of laboratory resources and increased turnaround
  • Rapid, sensitive and simple assay. Permits early detection of tissues injury and inflammation
  • Range of calibrator standards of known concentration. Confidence in performance
  • Only 2 reagents, latex and buffer. Minimises user error
  • Suitable for Veterinary use. Applicable for a wide range of animals
Normal reference value < 8 µg/ml
Assay Range 5 - 500 µg/ml
Accuracy When the known concentration sample is measured the accuracy of this method is 85 - 115 %
Storage and shelf life Store at 2-10C.
Expiry is one year from date of manufacture

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